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Zinc Cast Soft Enamel Custom Medals;Zinc Cast Hard Enamel Custom Medals;Zinc Cast 3D Custom Medals;Zinc Cast Antique Finish Custom Medals;Brass;Die Struck Custom Medals;Zinc Cast Cut Out Medals;Matte Gold Matt Silver Custom Medals;Black Nickel Custom Medals;Bottle Opener Functional Custom Medals;Luminescent Enamel Medals;Texture Background Medals;Zinc Cast Custom Shape Medals.
Antique Finish

Antique Finish

Custom Antique Finish Medals

Black Finish

Black Finish

Custom black finish, black nickel,gun metal black etc...

Color Fill

Color Fill

Custom soft enamel medals

Shining finish

Shining finish

Custom bright finish medals with sandblasting etc..

Matte Finish

Matte Finish

Custom Matte Finish medals

Cut out Medals

Cut out Medals

Custom Hollowed out unique medals

Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener

Custom unique bottle opener Medals

Glitter Race Medals

Glitter Race Medals

Custom Glitter Race Finisher Medals

Race Sets

Race Sets

Custom Race Sets & Race Series Medals

 Our Story

Our Story

Are you searching for a reliable supplier for medals? Higher quality, cheaper price, faster delivery time. China Medal Factory is the one you’re looking for.

Colorful metal medals, 3D medals glitter medal, spinning medals, cut out medals, function opener medal, unique shape metal medals, wood medal, glow medal and more – you name it, we manufacture it and provide it at factory price. Yes, we are factory!

All metal medals from design to production, we offer one-stop service. Nice Medal provides free design service, and your design could be done within 2 days! We do all the process in our own factory, so quick delivery is guaranteed.

And we even provide our clients with FREE samples, so you know you’re making the right choice!

Our factory is only 2 hours drive from Hong Kong. Welcome to China, Welcome to our factory. VIEW MORE

Factory Show

Welcome visit our factory, We are located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, only need one hour from Hong Kong. Welcome to visit our Factory! If you have any questions or inquiries, Please primely contact our sales representatives who handle your account for our service convenience. Or else, please send email to us,Thank you!

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we can manufacturer lanyard, lapel pins ,badges, emblems, cuff links, tie bars, bottle openers, mobile phone straps, rings, bookmarks, bracelets, necklaces, photo frames and luggage tags in both metal and soft PVC materials As a professional manufacturer, many company turned to us for quality promotional items.

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    Zinc Alloy Die Casting Zinc alloy die casting medal is formed by injection way, it is the optimal material for 3D cubic/ large-sized designs or the medals with empty spaces in between. Zinc alloy is less expensive and lighter weight than brass material; shows better effects of 3D relief, thus it has become the most […]

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    Welcome To The Best Custom Made Medals Manufacturer

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  • What is the difference between Die Casting & Die Striking?

    What is the difference between Die Casting & Die Striking? Understanding the difference between our two available branding options will help you decide your final medallion product. Die Casting A Die Casted Medallion Die casting is most suitable for medallion designs that have a high level of detail. Die casting starts with us creating a […]

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    生産技術-ダイカストは品質の根本 1.彫刻: 注文決定後、お客様からご提供した画像によって、金型設計部が製品と金型の3Dモデリングを製作します。デザイン部が技術部と確認後、金型彫刻部が需求によって、CNC、放電加工やエッチングなど技術でモールドコアを作り出します。場合により、特殊なモールドベースを製作必要可能性もあります。金型が製作完了後、ダイカストを試作して、最後は設計と生産について調整します。お客様に試作品をご確認頂いた後、金型が完成します。製品の量産に進めます。 2.ダイカスト: 製品のモールドコアとモールドベースをダイカストマシンに設置後、炉内温度や注入速度の圧力を調整して、必要の場合は水路を設置します。 設置完了後、半製品の品質を確認して、自動化ダイカストを設定して、量産を始まります。また、出来上がった部品の縁に余計な材料を取り外すこそ、独立な部品になれます。 3.研磨 金属も例外なく、射出成型製品はパーティングラインがある。ふたつの金型を合わせたところに溶けた材料を流し込んで現れたハリです。場合によって違う器具で人工や半自動な方法で研磨します。時々部品が温度差や微量な気泡に影響され、目で見にくい平滑してない状況があり、研磨作業に通じてメッキ表面の艶さと平滑度を上げられます。ミラー効果までできます。 4.メッキ 亜鉛合金ホットチャンバーダイカストを採用して、ハリを取って、部品を洗浄して、表面を滑らかさせます。 シアン化銅、ピロリン酸銅、硫酸銅などで銅メッキベースを作り出して、また上にニッケルをメッキして、最後に他の色メッキします。その後はシーリング材を塗ります。 ダブルメッキ カラー電気泳動 特殊メッキ 5.色入れ 研磨、メッキした半製品の凹部分に着色剤を流し込むことは、色入れであります。 仕様としては3種類あります:ラッカー、エポキシ、擬似七宝。 ラッカーはツヤのないマット仕上げで、固化したエポキシは鮮やかで麗しいツヤ感仕上げです。 擬似七宝は半製品研磨後着色剤を入れ、固化したから色分けの金属線が出るまで研磨し続き、最後にメッキします。 故に、擬似七宝の製品にはほんの少し研磨の痕跡が残し、金属線と色入れはフラットになります。 ラッカー / エポキシ 擬似七宝 デジタル印刷 スプレーペイント 6.包装 運送保護用だけではなく、大事な見た目として、売上げにも影響を与えます。 長年の経験によって、我々は包装資材の特性を熟知していて、様々な資材メーカーと協力して、あなたの製品をより輝くに見えます。 今日、我々に連絡し  

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  • Спортивные медали — достойная награда победителям

    Спортивные медали — достойная награда победителям Ищете, где бы купить в Москве спортивные медали или медали для победителей в конкурсах? Не теряйте времени и сил — сделайте их у нас на заказ! Мы предлагаем более 30 видов медалей с привлекательным дизайном, которые подходят для награждений участников различных спортивных соревнований и иных мероприятий. У нас вы […]

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    Custom Running Event Medals 5K Medals

    Custom Running Event Medals 5 Medals Custom Running Event Medals From Custom to Quick exit factory, we have the perfect sports medal option for your running event! Race Medals are the heart and soul of your race swag.If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, ask one of our staff for assistance. Our […]

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  • Last Minute Pre-Marathon Tips

    It’s pretty scary that months of training culminates to one big day – one day makes or breaks all the effort you’ve put in. However, here’s to reminding you that you’ve put in the hard work. It’s important to trust your training and trust the process. Don’t worry too much! Here’s some last minute pre-marathon […]

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    Custom Two Tone Plating Marathon Sports Medal With Ribbon

    Great Eastern Women’s Run Events Running in a crowd of women runners does indeed feel different but in a good way. More than 13,000 runners kicked off their Sunday morning at the Great Eastern Women’s Run, cheering each other on towards the finish line. Women across all race categories came together in celebration of health […]

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  • Get to Know the Size of the Medallion Before the Customization?

    The medallions have many sizes. Before customizing a medallion, you should get to know the different sizes of the medallion. Generally, the custom metal medallion is prepared for a certain honor and it is the award that public institutions, authorities, party committees, schools, training institutions and companies often use. The bigger custom metal medallion doesn’t […]

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    How to distinguish the hard enamel products?

    The real hard enamel products, also named cloisonné products, are generally considered as the collectible crafts because of its special technical skills, complicated production process as well as its long time lasting colors. The color could last for hundreds of years without color fading. Now, seldom factories in the market could produce the hard enamel […]

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