Custom Antique Finish Race Medals

We offer quality casted and die struck custom metal awards, medals, and unique products used by many sports organizations, Marathons, Triathlons, Ironman events, 5K and 10K races, Mud Runs, Zombie Runs, and all sorts of large and small events. We have produced a wide range of military medals for government and marine corps.

Our medals are custom made specifically for you: Your logo, your event date, your design, your color, your ribbon color or design. Gold, silver, antique medals, die-cast, die-struck, brass – anything you want, and with as much or as little color as desired.

Custom race medals with No Color Fill are finished entirely in gold, silver, bronze or copper plating or black dye. These work well when you have a single color logo or event theme, or your race them works well with a graphic that is predominately metallic.

You can see a variety of race medals that we have designed and manufactured without any color fill in the photos to the left. This type of processing works will with Custom Dog Tag Race Medals, Bottle Opener Race Medals and Custom Belt Buckle Race Medals to name a few.

Don’t forget about the ribbon. We offer stock color options, printed and full color satin to help put the finishing touches on your creation. Stock color ribbons are black, white, red and royal blue.

Give us a call today to discuss putting together some design ideas for you. Our team of graphic artists is ready to help make your next race medal your best one yet.

antique bronze medals