Custom Race Medals With Colors

Running medals designed for your running events. We will custom design your 5K medals, 10K medals, Half Marathon and Marathon, Triathlon medals and other related running award recognition medals. Awareness Run Medals and Charity Fun Runs – custom logos and colors for your cause.

1.Soft enamel: Soft enamel is the most popular way to color the medals. It’s variety of color options allows us to design the medals in any color you want.

2.Hard enamel: Hard enamel has more smooth surface compared with soft enamel and also has plenty of color options.

3.Epoxy overlay: Epoxy overlay is used to protect the colors, printings, as well as to show a beautiful look.

4.Glitter & Glow in the dark:  Glitter is a kind of particle that many clients love to use. It’s usually mixed with the enamel or epoxy overlay. Glow in the dark effect is made happen by a kind of enamel that can glow in the dark, which is very special.

5.Translucent: Translucent is also on the top lines of Global Race Medals Suggestion list. It can present the engraved logo/texture under the enamel, very different feel from soft enamel and hard enamel.

6.Silk screen: Silk screen is a way to deal with the small details that can not be painted.

7.No color fill: Medals without colors make it easy in another way to show the impressive look, mostly in antique finishes. Many people love it. Just give it a shot, you’ll be one of the fans too.

About China Medal Factory:-

China Medal Factory has over 30 years of experience manufacturing medals. We’re proud to have our intelligent sales team, creative design team and professional workers. Every of your order, no matter it’s big or small, will be the first concern of China Medal Factory. Connect with our factory on Facebook. Email: for more details, China Medal Factory will be very happy to help you!