Custom Two Tone Plating Marathon Sports Medal With Ribbon

Great Eastern Women’s Run Events Running in a crowd of women runners does indeed feel different but in a good way.

More than 13,000 runners kicked off their Sunday morning at the Great Eastern Women’s Run, cheering each other on towards the finish line. Women across all race categories came together in celebration of health and happiness.

The Design:

great eastern womens run
great eastern womens run

The main element of the design two running womens people, but most difficult is two tone plating colors, normally the factory easy make two tone plating colors base on shining finish, but this time it’s Matte finish plating and antique plating together.

Finished sample:


Usually a customer will have a rough idea of the medal design on a sketch or in the form of the logo. We will take that idea and morph it into a workable medal design file. Additional details that maybe added includes medal finish, thickness, raised and recessed parts, color fills and any other revision required to modify a design into something that can be molded as a medal. Once our graphics department completed that a virtual proof will be sent to the client for approval. This gives the customer a good idea of what the medal will look and feel like, and request any changes required. Once the mold and sample medal is finished, it will take longer for any revision cycle to take place. The client is pleased with our sample medal and so off to production it goes!

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