How to distinguish the hard enamel products?

The real hard enamel products, also named cloisonné products, are generally considered as the collectible crafts because of its special technical skills, complicated production process as well as its long time lasting colors. The color could last for hundreds of years without color fading. Now, seldom factories in the market could produce the hard enamel products in the badge industry, but people won’t tell the client the truth but use the imitation hard enamel instead directly. As a serious company, here we’d like to share below characteristics of the hard enamel items with you so that you can get the real cloisonné products you want.

Firstly, the height of the color on the real hard enamel item is equal with the metallic line of the product. You can feel the delicate metallic line when touching by hands. With this point, you can tell it from all the other material easily except imitation hard enamel.

Secondly, the color of the hard enamel is darker and not so shiny as soft enamel and imitation hard enamel. Also, the color of the real hard enamel is clearly demarcated and not easy to fade compared to imitation hard enamel.

Thirdly, the hard enamel is stiff and crisp. It won’t get scratched by sharp objects but it can be crushed into pieces.

Fourthly, the real hard enamel products is high temperature resistant, while imitation hard enamel is not. For the metal is mostly made of copper containing impurities, after 850 degree grilling, the metal will be carbonizing then leaving the impurities on the backside of the products. Also, because of the high temperature grilling, the whole products will be a little bit bent and you may see some irregular radian. Besides, if you burn the real hard enamel products with fire, you won’t see any marks after burning.

Hope the above information would be helpful for you when you are requiring a real hard enamel items. Or should you have any other questions about it, please don’t hesitate to contact us by We’ll be definitely happy to offer any help no matter you buy the items from us or not. We are the factory who provides the considerate OEM production service for the client, and we are also the factory who has the strong social responsibility, we’ll always try our best to prevent any fraud or fake item in the market.