How To Distinguish the Photo Etched Soft Enamel

Since the recessed metal part of the photo etched soft enamel is pretty shallow and its color is very thin, sometimes people would take it for imitation hard enamel product. In order to avoid any similar misunderstanding or the existence of any intentionally deception, CHINA MEDAL FACTORY would like to share the characteristics and discrimination criteria of photo etched soft enamel.

1. The photo etched soft enamel products can be divided into with epoxy coating or without epoxy coating. The metallic line of products without epoxy coating can be felt when touching, because the color is thin and lower than the metallic line. On the contrary, products with epoxy coating are relatively smooth.

2. The color material is acrylic paint, the same as stamped bronze/iron soft enamel.

3. The standard thickness of the photo etched soft enamel product is relative thin, which is around 0.8mm.

4. The outer metal border is proportional to the thickness, i.e. if the item is 0.8mm thick, then the outer metal border is also 0.8mm. So comparing to other products, the outer metal border is particularly wide. If the border width is too thin, the soft enamel might be destroyed when cut out the goods piece by piece since the goods would be punched out only after the full-sheet colored and it would require relative strong power to cut the items.

5. Photo etched products don’t have the 3D effect because it is the corrosion of acidic chemical potion, and there is no way to corrode the angle and radian.

6. The raw materials used in the photo etched soft enamel can be copper/bronze sheet, aluminum sheet and stainless iron sheet.

7. Because the photo etched soft enamel is a full-sheet etching by acidic chemicals corrosion, generally the depth is shallow. In addition, the thickness of products itself is thin, so there is no polishing in the normal process. But if the guest requires polishing, we can also do it.