Material Option

Material Option

We have all the kinds of material to meet all your needs in this industry, including brass, copper, iron, zinc alloy, aluminium, nickel silver, sterling silver and etc. Different material could make products into different quality and would have different cost. Below is a detail introduction of each material.

Zinc alloy.
Material feature:
Density: 6.8×1000 kg/m3
Specialty: low melting point: approximate 385°C
Largest dimension we could make:130*11omm
Minimum thickness:1.2mm
Suitable for: products that need to be light in weight; products in complicated structure like solid shape, large dimension, or with meticulous relief.

Material feature:
Density: 7.9×1000 kg/m3
Specialty: High grade of hardness; ferromagnetic,
Largest dimension we could make:72.6omm
Minimum thickness:0.8mm
Suitable for: cheap products like pins, functional products like bottle opener, ferromagnetic products like golf hat clip

Material feature:
Density: 8.9×1000 kg/m3
Specialty: copper alloy, high grade of elasticity, strong corrosion resistance
Largest dimension we could make:72.6mm
Minimum thickness:0.4mm
Suitable for: high class products, heavy hand feel products, thick and stretchy products like book markers.

Material feature:
Density: 8.9×1000 kg/m3
Specialty: pure copper, relative soft,
Largest dimension we could make:72.6mm
Minimum thickness:1.0 mm
Suitable for: thick coin, hard enamel(cloisonn) products

Nickel silver.
Material feature:
Density: 8.8~ 8.9×1000 kg/m3
Specialty: copper and nickel alloy, relative hard and heavy
Largest dimension we could make:50.8 mm
Minimum thickness:1.0 mm
Suitable for: high class coin, hard enamel(cloisonn) products

Stainless Steel.
Material feature:
Density: 7.92~ 7.98×1000 kg/m3
Specialty: Hard and heavy,stable in the air, no oxidation or rusting.
Suitable for: High polishing products, elegant products need wire-brushed effect. And many silk-screen,etching products requests for stainless steel
Classic products: cufflinks, bottle openers, etched name tags,etc

Stainless Iron
Suitable for: elegant products need wire-brushed effect, off-set products,etched products
Classic products: off-set pins, off-set key rings( with epoxy coating)

Material feature: Very Light
Classic products: silk-screen key chains, etched labels, keyring bottle openers, etc….