Custom Tube Lanyards Personalized Designs Lanyard

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Custom Tube Lanyards Personalized Designs Lanyard

Custom Tube Lanyards Personalized Designs Lanyard, the lanyard is the cord or strap worn around the neck, shoulder, or wrist to carry such items as keys or identification cards etc.. But nowadays, the lanyards works not just as a physical tool, but more like a media carrier for advertising and promotion. It’s really an economic but very effective way for your branding activities as it’s very convenient and widely used in our daily life. So let us start with one of our templates or a blank canvas, select colors, add images, text, and layout to create your own truly customized award lanyards.

The tube lanyard, together with the polyester lanyard, is one of the other most popular lanyards because of its most economic cost and prompt delivery date. It has been called as tube lanyard because its construct is just like a tube.

The yarn of the tube lanyard is also 100% polyester.

The strap of the tube lanyard would have only one single pattern and looks like a tube.

The strap of the tube lanyard would be generally one single color.

The logo of the tube lanyard could be processed as silkscreen printing, offset printing, Foam printing, 3D PVC printing or flock printing.

The color of the tube lanyard could be decided according to the international Pantone color chart for both the strap and the logo.

The color for the logo of the tube lanyard could be common ink, sparking glitter, glowing color or reflective color.

The size of the tube lanyard for the width, the length, and even the thickness could be decided by the customer. Thicker and wider strap would enhance the quality feeling of the finished item.

custom tube lanyards
custom tube lanyards