Nowadays Medal/medallion are very popular as award for sport events like marathon medals, hockey medals, swimming medals,basketball medals, football medals, skate medals,taekwondo medals,judo medals,karate medals,Rugby medals,cycling medals,Triathlon medals……

We offer: Zinc Cast Soft Enamel Custom Medals;Zinc Cast Hard Enamel Custom Medals;Zinc Cast 3D Custom Medals;Zinc Cast Antique Finish Custom Medals;Brass;Die Struck Custom Medals;Zinc Cast Cut Out Medals;Matte Gold Matt Silver Custom Medals;Black Nickel Custom Medals;Bottle Opener Funtion Custom Medals;Luminescent Enamel Medals;Texture Background Medals;Zinc Cast Custom Shape Medals.

How they’re made – These custom medallions are created with our die casting process which involves forcing molten metal in to the recessed areas of the die we strike from your design. This allows for very high detailed results and even captures little intricate details that other processes may miss. We then apply a finishing option of your choice and polish it to finalise the process.

After quality? Then definitely consider our affordable range of custom die cast medallions.

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