Welcome To The Best Custom Made Medals Manufacturer

Welcome To The Best Custom Made Medals Manufacturer
Welcome To The Best Custom Made Medals Manufacturer

Welcome To The Best Custom Made Medals Manufacturer

Nowadays Medal/medallion are very popular as award for sport events like marathon medals, hockey medals, swimming medals,basketball medals, football medals, skate medals,taekwondo medals,judo medals,karate medals,Rugby medals,cycling medals,Triathlon medals……

Custom medals are a unique way to increase your name recognition while simultaneously awarding your team, events, employees, clients and business partners alike. Here at china medal factory, we are proud to offer the highest quality custom medals at directly factory prices. We will work with you at your pace to create and design your own unique personalized medals.

Custom medals can be rewards for outstanding work and are a good way to recognize the first, second, and third place in military, sporting, academic events. We will design your custom medals in gold, silver and copper or bronze to represent different levels of achievement. Whether you want to commemorate individuals or events or show pride for your organization or event, our talented and skilled medals designers can create the perfect medal for you.

How To Order Custom Medals

At china medal factory, we have Costing Sheet System to make ordering your personalized medals simple. You have the opportunity to customize and add the following options:

Medal Style:Choose the style of medal you want

Shape:Any Shape Medal Can Be Created

Size:From 1.5” to 4” Medals

Logo: 2-D,3-D, color filling, silk-screen, off-set, laser, etching, etc

Colors:Choose From an Array of Colors

Medal Finish: Shinny Various Finish, Antique Brass, Antique Silver, Antique Copper, Shiny Gold, Shiny Brass, Shiny Silver, Shiny Copper, Two Tone Finish of Medal, Shiny Black Nickel, Black Nickel Polished All Available with Color-fill

Neck Ribbons Size: Choose Ribbon Size with Custom Dye Sublimated Ribbons or Custom Ribbons,Medal/medallion comes with satin ribbon or polyester ribbon, printing your own logo. Medals’ other attachment safety clutch / chain etc.

Your custom medals at china medal factory are certainly special and one of a kind.Our well-trained online sales merchandier with years of experience are here to guide you through every step to explain the process and what will works best for your custom medals design. To get the perfect custom medals of your choice, please whatsapp our experts today at 0086-139-2279-2727!

If you need information before you buy, you can start a Live Chat with our online sales staff. If Live Chat is not available, you will be directed to an online form to submit an inquiry by email. Once you submit an inquiry, you can track progress and submit updates in My Inquiries by email.